It’s Over

The problem with prepping one’s house to sell, is that it robs one of the time allocated to completing a page.

End of this Arc, folks! Next one is going to be fairly action-packed and a lot funnier. I’ve had this one script it out for a few years, but I just couldn’t figure out where I wanted to put it in the timeline. I should have a cover image for the next Arc up next week, and the next page shortly after that.

Oh Noes!

Well, if having my truck broken down has any positives, it’s that I had time to finish this week’s page!

In case you’re wondering who’s talking, I have tagged the characters that are off panel.

I Bring You Love!

It’s bringing love! Don’t let it get away!

as some of you may be a aware, Project Wonderful, an advertising platform used by most webcomics, has shut down, leaving me with no advertising at the moment. This sucks as it has taken a big bite out of my traffic. So I am asking you to tell a friend about Gregor! Word of mouth is still the best way to get eyes on a project, after all!

Also, Gregor turned 7 yesterday! Cue fanfare! as a little birthday treat I put up a “remastered” version of the second page of this comic on my Patreon.

AND ANOTHER THING! I have a Gregor Instagram now! Just click on the link to the side of the comic where the lovely Chloe is standing!

EDIT: fixed the IG link. Who’d have thought that a simple semicolon would cause such a problem?

Hey! I Remember Him!

You know, I seem to remember the comic being about this guy…..


Portland readers! My wife and I will be selling our wares at Rose City Comic Con September 7th through the 9th! I’ll have the first printed volume of Gregor and we’ll both have a bunch of prints! Hope to see you there!


On a sadder note, my cat, Colby, the model for Gregor’s kitten of the same name, died yesterday in my arms. He was super sweet and loved to give love bites. We’ll miss him terribly.

Hi, Everybody!

Hi, doctor Nick!

Let’s just assume that Stan took Chloe to Sephora so she could clean herself up.hopefully tthere

Sorry for the delay.Hopefully there won’t be as much of a delay for the next one.

Stand By Me

This one took a lot longer than I would have liked to get done. It shouldn’t have, as a lot of it was just copy and paste since it’s just a conversation, but I had a hard time finding time to draw. This is also the last scene in the basement so I’m going to have to actually start drawing backgrounds again.

Surprise and Alarm!

Yay! New page! SMELL the newness of it!

New print coming soon! If you’re a Patron you’ll have seen it, and if not, I’ll be posting here as soon as I get it on my store page.

I’ll give you a hint: SSDGM


Hey! A new page! Look at that! Still trying to get these out in a timely manner, which has been difficult since becoming a father, but I’m adjusting.


Also, I’m working on my next pinup, so there’s that to look forward to.

Dan, I Am Totally A Republic Serial Villain

For those that don’t get the title to this page, feel free to go read the greatest comic book ever written, Watchmen.

As for the art of this one, I wanted to convey the somewhat inconsistent nature of Mr Liefeld’s art by A. seriously bulking up Lie-Carver from the last page to this one and B. Lazily removing the Lie-Chloe and explaining it through a wall of text.

HEY! I’m back! I know I say that every time I post a page, but this time, it’s true(probably)! Things speed up quite a bit coming up and I have it all plotted out, so I shouldn’t hit any more artist’s blocks. Is that a thing? Like a writer’s block? ANYWAY, I’m pleased with how the Mercury pinup turned out, so I’ll be doing more, with NSFW versions on the Patreon. I think I’ll do Pluto next; I can have some fun with those wings!