Really That Stupid

Hurrah! Go Stan, amiright? This page took a little longer than I  wanted because I dropped my Surface on my way to my car and the screen SHATTERED! I had to do some extreme digging online to find a new one AND I had to replace it myself. Everything worked out and now I carry this thing more gently than I do my firstborn.

Let Me Have This

I guess when you’re all alone in the universe, and you find that little slice of home, you want to hold onto that slice for as long as you can.


Oh, it feels so good to get this out of the way. Obviously we’ve got more coming from the events in this storyline, but it’ll be nice to have a change of pace, and some silliness, going forward.

Also, maybe it’s just my monitor, but the colors in the bottom two panels turned out a lot darker than I intended. Oh, well.



New Page! YAY!


To be honest I’ve had that Katie place holder for a while and finally decided to post it to give me some added motivation to get this page done. That’s not to say she won’t eventually be sans sign, just not this week.



Dark Tower

Whee! New page! Just a couple page left of this until we get back to the present. I’ll be exhibiting at Alt Press Fest at the Salt Lake Public Library  for the third year in a row this summer, so if you’re in the area you should come say hi! I’ll have more info on that soon.




Hurray! New page! This one was delayed because I had to take over coloring duties from Spencer. He’s got a full plate, so no worries. I’ve also taken on a few commissions so that’s eating into my drawing time, as well. The next page should be not far behind this one, So I do hope you stick around for more wacky flashback adventures as we explore the secret origins of the Grey Goliath.



AAAAAAAND I just noticed that her “crown” is missing on the 3rd panel. Go me.

Cue Flashback Sequence

It helps if you read this after looking at this

One again we have Spencer helping out with the inks/colors to set the world apart from our regularly scheduled program. If you like the way this looks be sure to check out his webcomic, Dungeon Crawlers via the adorable banner ad above!



Listen to Me Breathe!

As an asthmatic, I know Katie’s pain and the joy of breathing freely afterward. Also, Katie gets a little ghetto when she’s celebrating her health. Don’t you? Getting into some more flashback shit next time, so look forward to that. So far it looks like I shan’t be attending Fan-X this year, as the Artist’s Alley booths sold out before they even let me try to get one. I’m on the wait list, but I am not favored, here. Any good cons you think we’d do well at? Leave a comment or comment on the Facebook page!


Chloe actually sent this over to me about an hour after I posted the filler page. I have zero excuse for taking so long between pages, so I’m going to try to update more frequently from now on.