A Mother’s Touch

Hey! A new page a week after the last one! If this keeps up I might regain some of that self-respect the kids are always talking about! I had most of the preliminary drawing done for this before getting into the stream last night, so I was mostly just doing the finished lines and colors. I had 2 people watching, but I think I do it mostly because it’s been keeping me from getting distracted by the internets and wasting 2 hours going through the backlogs of webcomics I’ve read a dozen times (like I did last night AFTER I finished the stream). So, if you’re not busy, come check out the stream next week! My cromulent performance will embiggen your life!

Training Day!

New Chapter title card!

I drew this on stream this past Saturday to an audience of one, so maybe I need to get the word out about the Saturday streams a bit more. I don’t do self-promotion very well, so I’m not surprised. If you’d like to watch me work on the newest page you can see me over on my Twitch channel every Saturday at 9pm Mountain Time. I don’t really say much unless there’s chat activity but it keeps me on task so I can get a lot done. Come on by, and help keep my feet to the fire so I can update more regularly.