A Mother’s Touch

Hey! A new page a week after the last one! If this keeps up I might regain some of that self-respect the kids are always talking about! I had most of the preliminary drawing done for this before getting into the stream last night, so I was mostly just doing the finished lines and colors. I had 2 people watching, but I think I do it mostly because it’s been keeping me from getting distracted by the internets and wasting 2 hours going through the backlogs of webcomics I’ve read a dozen times (like I did last night AFTER I finished the stream). So, if you’re not busy, come check out the stream next week! My cromulent performance will embiggen your life!

Training Day!

New Chapter title card!

I drew this on stream this past Saturday to an audience of one, so maybe I need to get the word out about the Saturday streams a bit more. I don’t do self-promotion very well, so I’m not surprised. If you’d like to watch me work on the newest page you can see me over on my Twitch channel every Saturday at 9pm Mountain Time. I don’t really say much unless there’s chat activity but it keeps me on task so I can get a lot done. Come on by, and help keep my feet to the fire so I can update more regularly.

Let’s Review

I waffled back and forth on this page, whether to cut away from the action and see what was going on with some of the other characters and come back to the fight after, or to finish the fight here and then check in. Obviously I went with the latter. As I originally wrote this Gregor would have won and then start training them to beat him. I decided that would drag out the story for no reason, so I did this. But WHY they got good near the end will be a fun reveal!

Best Laid Plans

I redrew this 5 times. I still think I could have used another pass at it.

I’m going to try to get more pages up while the world is shut down and we’re all terrified. Not that I have extra time, I don’t (my day job is already pretty solitary, anyway, so I’m still going to work), but I feel like if I can do something that helps get our minds off the global shitshow then I will.


oddly had a hard time deciding how to lay out this page. Once I decided on what I wanted this was done in 3 hours.

How Embarrassing

Hubris, thy name is Gregor!


Getting Gregor’s torso right in the last panel was most of the delay on this page, and I STILL think it looks a little wonky. I’ve also been working on the new Patreon pin-up ( should be done with that tomorrow) as well as a new print for the store and for my table at the upcoming Fan-X in September

Still working on the finer details, but I’m pretty happy with it!


EDIT: New pinup is up! Go to the Patreon to check it out!

Happy Saturnalia!

Hey! I posted something! How about that?

The reason this took so long is because I hosted Thanksgiving, my birthday is a week after Thanksgiving, and I have a 50 + hour a week job. Oh, and a manic two-year-old. Those last two are usually enough to keep me from updating more than once every 3 weeks, but that combined with the holidays pushed that back even more.

The patreon pinup poll results we’re kind of surprising. Katie came in first, with Chloe and Venus rounding out the top three. Considering how much I draw Katie, I was actually very surprised that she was your top pick. I was kind of secretly rooting for Carol, the Ancient Yuletide Troll. Since Katie and Chloe were within a vote of each other, I guess I’ll do a tandem pin up. Look for that sometime soon, as I can turn those out a lot faster than a page.

EDIT: Fixed Mercury’s extra hand on the fifth panel.

High Five!

Yay! New page! I’ve also put a survey on the Patreon, that’s open to anyone, to pick the subject of my next Pinup. So far Chloe is in the lead, followed by Katie and…. Carol the Ancient Yuletide Troll.


Page is on its way, but I thought I’d post this silly thing I drew on the plane on my way to Paris for our 20th anniversary. Spent 9 days there and didn’t have a second to draw! Also, a pickpocket helped himself to my phone or first day, so there’s that, as well.

And, thanks to the pickpocket, I missed the 8th anniversary of Gregor! September 27th, 2011 I posted the first page!

Also, if you’re ever in Paris, do yourself a favor and make sure you get a lobster roll from Homer’s All About Lobster. Trust me, it is a taste sensation.

I’ll Take That!


Hey! two pages in a month! I mean, yeah, it’s coming in JUST under the wire, but it’s still August!

I’ve updated the Patreon so everything is available with a $1 donation. You can donate whatever you want, but I’ve opened it up to everyone, so you’ll get a big ol’dump of all of my pinups, wallpapers and some sketches just for showing that you’re willing to part with four quarters a month.