Master Plan?

Sometimes I think I’d like to just do a slice of life comic. Drawing two people talking is a lot less time-intensive than a multi-page beatdown and I really like drawing facial expressions. But the fighting is just too much fun…

To Sir, With Animosity

Ever since seeing Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse I felt my comic needed more silly onomatopoeia moments.

I think I’m going to forgo shading for the next little while, if for no other reason than to facilitate quicker updates. This arc is going to be pretty art heavy, and I don’t want there to be a month between updates. Again.


Hey! Look! I’m not dead! This page was one of the hardest to lay out I’ve done, recently, Obviously not because it’s complicated, but I just couldn’t decide how to introduce this arc. I thought about having Carver open the door on the last panel and have to reveal be a splash page, but I decided I needed to get into the action as soon as I could. this was the one part of this arc that I didn’t have already written, so no more 2 months between pages! I promise!

Five Years

New page! Isn’t that pretty? I love the idea of a superhero being lectured like a petulant child.

I should have a new wallpaper up for the Patreon patrons by next week and I’m working on a SFW wallpaper I can put on the site for voting and donation.

Also I’m going to be making my first public appearance with Gregor in July! I’ll be attending the 2014 Alt Press Fest here in Salt Lake City. The Alt Press Fest will happen on July 12, from 12–5pm in the Urban Room of the Main Library on 400s and 200e. I’ll have some prints and will be doing some sketches. I’ve also been told I’ll have power at my table so I’ll have a little laptop with the site loaded up as well as the Kickstarter for Volume 1.

I’m also working on getting my shit together in time for the Salt Lake Comic Con September 4-6 at the Salt Palace Convention Center. More details to follow!

Bring me The Disco King

Sorry about the late page, fellows! I spent last weekend erecting a fence around my unmanageably large back yard, kinda wiped me out for a while.

Anyway, the Patreon campaign is going great! I really do appreciate your support! As just about everyone has signed up for the $5 level I’ll be cranking out a few new wallpapers to keep your appetites whetted. And I’ll be posting donation/voting desktops for the regular site that are SFW as soon as I can.


Look at this! Look how god damned beautiful the colors are on this page! Chloe is knocking it out of the park, motherfucker! If only there was some way to show appreciation for everything she does for the comi-WAIT! THERE IS! The Patreon! I’ve adjusted the goal tiers and also added some rewards, including a monthly stream of me drawing and shooting the shit with patrons!

Also, can I just say that building a fence by yourself is not the best way to prep for drawing? Can I? No? Okay. I’m gonna go collapse now.

Putting Out the Fires

You have NO IDEA how long I’ve been wanting to get to this point! When I first wrote the script for this storyline I didn’t really realize just how little Gregor was in this fight! We’re getting into the home stretch on this one!

edit: Realized after I put this one up that I’d neglected to add sound effects.