A Mother’s Touch

Hey! A new page a week after the last one! If this keeps up I might regain some of that self-respect the kids are always talking about! I had most of the preliminary drawing done for this before getting into the stream last night, so I was mostly just doing the finished lines and colors. I had 2 people watching, but I think I do it mostly because it’s been keeping me from getting distracted by the internets and wasting 2 hours going through the backlogs of webcomics I’ve read a dozen times (like I did last night AFTER I finished the stream). So, if you’re not busy, come check out the stream next week! My cromulent performance will embiggen your life!

Training Day!

New Chapter title card!

I drew this on stream this past Saturday to an audience of one, so maybe I need to get the word out about the Saturday streams a bit more. I don’t do self-promotion very well, so I’m not surprised. If you’d like to watch me work on the newest page you can see me over on my Twitch channel every Saturday at 9pm Mountain Time. I don’t really say much unless there’s chat activity but it keeps me on task so I can get a lot done. Come on by, and help keep my feet to the fire so I can update more regularly.

The Face of Regret

So, I ended up drawing this while doing the livestream Saturday night (As I write this I finished the stream about half an hour ago) as there weren’t many people watching the stream, as I thought might happen. I rather enjoyed it and it made me feel. . . culpable to the watchers, so I didn’t get distracted while I was drawing. I think I’m going to start streaming every Saturday night and, maybe, it’ll keep me on task long enough to get out a page a week. Or a page a fortnight, at least.

DuckGirls (Woo-hoo!)

You may have seen this one before, but now it’s finally in print form. As I type this there’s about 40 minutes left of day one of the con. I’ve had a good time so far and look forward to the next two days!

Captain Vegetable!

I will be at Fan-X with my wife selling prints and this is one of the new ones. He came together surprisingly quick and I love him. If you are not familiar with Captain Vegetable, with his carrot and his celery, the you need to educate yourself! I’ll be posting the other print I did tomorrow, or you can look at it/buy it in the Gregor store.


Also, the live stream is coming up and I still need questions for the cast. I’ve gotten a few, but not much I can use (sorry, O8h7w, they’re just too vague). If I don’t get enough questions then I’ll probably just draw the next page during the livestream.

Some Thinking To Do…

I finally figured out how to import my Sketchup models into Clip Studio, so that definitely helped get the backgrounds looking good. Still hade to draw the outlines, though. One step at a time.


Next month will be the tenth anniversary of Gregor, and I wanted to do something fun. I couldn’t decide between a live stream and a character Q&A so I’ve decided to do both. I’ll be taking questions on here, the Facebook page, Twitter, Instagram, and the Patreon until the 23rd of September, and then I’ll draw the responses on a live stream that Saturday, the 25th at 9pm Mountain Time. Feel free to ask any character any question and I’ll pick the best 4 to draw. Patreon members (which only costs a dollar US, btw) will get priority when I pick the questions. I look forward to your questions and I hope to see you on the 25th!

Rational Thought

I love how that first panel turned out.


Coming up in September is Gregor’s 10 year anniversary and I have no idea what to do with this information. I thought, maybe have some guest comics? I’m still mulling it over. If you have any ideas feel free to leave a comment on this post or on my social medias.

Grizzly Adams DID have a beard!

Hey! Look at that! I’m not dead!

Sorry about the long wait between pages, here. As you can see from the page it wasn’t super complicated, so I can’t blame the page itself. Long story short, my free time has drastically been cut since the birth of our second son. I’m going to try to get pages up a lot sooner (low hurdle, I know) and start posting Patreon content, as well. Pin-ups are pretty easy to pump out if I have a few hours of free time.


Oh! And Merry Christmas!

Let’s Review

I waffled back and forth on this page, whether to cut away from the action and see what was going on with some of the other characters and come back to the fight after, or to finish the fight here and then check in. Obviously I went with the latter. As I originally wrote this Gregor would have won and then start training them to beat him. I decided that would drag out the story for no reason, so I did this. But WHY they got good near the end will be a fun reveal!

Leading the Way

This one was feeling a little naked without shading, so I took a little bit of extra time and put it in. After all, it’s basically just one person in front of a background.


She’s been one of my favorites since I redesigned her for this comic. When I first created these guys back when I was in junior high (they all predate Gregor by about 3 years) I always had trouble with what I wanted to do with Uranus. I think at one point it was a hulking robot with buzzsaw arms because of how the planet is on its side (I was 14, give me a break.) When I finally looked up the Greek god, and saw that he was literally the sky, I thought doing an Angel knock off would probably be best. Also, he ruled the universe, so he wasn’t exactly a slouch. So I thought I would start with her being the butt of the joke (get it?) then reveal her power later. She’s definitely my favorite of all of the Planetary Society.