A Mother’s Touch

Hey! A new page a week after the last one! If this keeps up I might regain some of that self-respect the kids are always talking about! I had most of the preliminary drawing done for this before getting into the stream last night, so I was mostly just doing the finished lines and colors. I had 2 people watching, but I think I do it mostly because it’s been keeping me from getting distracted by the internets and wasting 2 hours going through the backlogs of webcomics I’ve read a dozen times (like I did last night AFTER I finished the stream). So, if you’re not busy, come check out the stream next week! My cromulent performance will embiggen your life!

7 thoughts on “A Mother’s Touch

  1. Xone

    The Couch did nothing wrong! Sure, it’s lazy as heck, always just sitting or laying around, maybe supporting the weight of a certain large grey humanoid 3D printed automated soldier’s behind… hmm. Maybe get a sectional?

  2. O8h7w

    The coming Sunday (for me, Saturday for you in the western hemisphere) I can say with certainty that I won’t be able to come watch, even though it is one of the rare Sundays that I’m likely to be awake early enough. I will be quite preoccupied. Keep at it, sooner or later I will be awake early enough for no reason, and then I will catch the tail end of the stream.


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