As the World Falls Down

new paaage! Jareth stopped talking because he’s concentrating, not because I ran out of threatening quotes from Labyrinth. That literally has NOTHING to do with it.

6 thoughts on “As the World Falls Down

  1. Kat

    aw damn XD and I was gonna make some suggestions too X3
    page looks really great though, big guys just gonna dust this one off too ^_^

  2. Stompinstein

    Looks like the the Goblin King has resorted to weponizing intense UV rays to take Big G on. Maybe he’s trying to take him out via Melanoma.

  3. GreyWolf

    That moment you realized … you’re screwed. 😀

    Scenes like this, or better yet the scene from the previous storyline where he faced the Dapper Duo, make me think of the scene in The Principal where after getting his butt stomped by the drug dealer for a couple minutes Jim Belushi catches the punk’s fists in his hands then gets that maniacal look on his face as he says “my turn …”

    The look on the thug’s face was priceless. I think the wannabe King’s gonna have a similar look here real quick.

  4. Anarchyant

    my guess is that big G is going to be turning the orbs into Goblin king “love beads” and introducing them back to him where the sun doesn’t shine.


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