You have no idea how much work went into that ONE panel!

I tried designing them all off panel and quit after Jareth and the Ashes to Ashes clown. Anyway, the Goon Squad has been in my head since I first heard Fashion way back when. I just never commited them to paper.

Kickstarter update: I’ve been really busy with my day job so I’ve not had much time to work on the KS campaign so I’m looking into trimming down just what I was going to put up on the page. Also have a wallpaper I’m working on that should be ready soon. Chloe fans, rejoice!

15 thoughts on “Fashion!

  1. Guesticus

    Totally recognized the clown, and can see Jareth now (his codpiece isn’t big enough though, think the ballet dancers from “Top Secret”, where the female dances along stepping on them :P), and obviously the astronaut is Major Tom, listening to the others now 😀

  2. Tsuki_Ouji

    Oh, I forgot about these guys! I kinda lost this comic in the process of two system resets and reading a bajillion or so other webcomics and manga, so I clicked an ad for the site and I’m getting caught up.


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