And we are BACK, bitches! I got a ton of work done over the last month and hopefully I can maintain a two page per week schedule. So look for updates every Monday and Thursday. I’m also almost done with a new desktop for all of my loyal perverts! And not just Eugene and Rusty . . .

13 thoughts on “Geronimo!

  1. arjay2813

    its a beautiful starry night, there’s a great earth out tonight and…is it getting closer? damn it…

    this is what happens when i lack sleep from DST, watch a commercial for a bugs bunny cartoon and read gregor. i hope someone gets the reference (and yes i get the irony of a loony toons reference when they’ve been to disney world)

  2. GreyWolf

    HUZZAH! The adventure continues! 😀

    And it is already looking like Tyler took advantage of the hiatus to up his game while he was at it, art is looking even sharper.

    ::peers at the post comment::

    God as my witness, I will one day earn the rank of Named Loyal Pervert and be included in the credits, whatever it takes. Just gotta think of the raunchiest (but not disgusting) commission I can send him. Already have the next 2 or 3 commission ideas in my head and they don’t qualify.

    One idea springs to mind, but not sure Tyler would want to draw it … heh.

    1. GreyWolf

      Considering the clothes he is wearing, I am guessing he is going for a stealth entry. So, yeah, parachute required otherwise the sound of Gregor adding a new crater to their property would be a giveaway. 😀

  3. differ

    yo, dude, great to see Grey is back in actionXD and that ur back as wellXP (thought i forgot ye did uXD) anyways, i was wondering r Katie and Chloe gonna talk about the kiss they shared? or do we as perverted and loyal fans let our minds fill in the blanksXP


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