Grizzly Adams DID have a beard!

Hey! Look at that! I’m not dead!

Sorry about the long wait between pages, here. As you can see from the page it wasn’t super complicated, so I can’t blame the page itself. Long story short, my free time has drastically been cut since the birth of our second son. I’m going to try to get pages up a lot sooner (low hurdle, I know) and start posting Patreon content, as well. Pin-ups are pretty easy to pump out if I have a few hours of free time.


Oh! And Merry Christmas!

6 thoughts on “Grizzly Adams DID have a beard!

  1. Sean Duggan

    It’s cool. You owe us nothing. 🙂 Always happy to see updates, though. I was recently trying to place the scene with the Bowie-based villains as I did not remember it was Gregor until someone pointed it out to me.

  2. Renadt

    To answer the boyfriend, whose name eludes me, Shooter buys the house, yes, but Shooter has too much pride to let a challenge go unanswered. It doesn’t make sense strategically, but humans rarely are such creatures.

  3. O8h7w

    It’s a known fact that children eats up free time like nothing else, especially the second, because at that point they can keep both parents fully busy concurrently. And of course it is the right thing to spend time on! The art can wait – well, don’t wait around with introducing art to your kids! Have fun, and have a happy 2021!

    Along the same line as the second kid really taking away free time, a third kid will force the parents to the let their first kid manage a lot more on their own, as both parents will be busy with both younger kids every now and then. When all three need help things suddenly takes twice as long. On the other hand, the first might just grow into responsible person rather quickly, especially with regards to their younger siblings, which can be a big help. The fourth carries quite a lot less change, you just need a non-standard car at that point. Beyond that the number of kids doesn’t really change anything anymore… I guess. I’m one of three, my mother is one of four.

    1. Deoxy

      I concur on the “second child” thing. I have several, and the jump from 1 to 2 was the hardest. After that, yes, it was more, but not much.


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