Guest Art by Jason Jansen

Today’s guest piece comes courtesy of one Jason Emrys Janson. He does a military comic strip called The Tales of Mewt and Captain EJ on his DeviantArt page.  He also took advantage of my Commission program! (Not that that’s why his stuff is posted. He turned in something. Did YOU???)

I drew him and his wife as Master Chief and Cortana from Halo 3.


3 thoughts on “Guest Art by Jason Jansen

  1. GreyWolf

    And it was jason’s comment about that commission which gave me the idea for the next commission I am sending ya, heh. ::ponders:: ooooo and another idea, too. Same as the last one, but with my sweetie in the pic instead. thanks jason, this’ll score me some major points on our anniversary, i just better get the order to tyler in time …

  2. Jason E. Janson

    Again, my thanks for creating the Gregor world and the inspiration to try my own comic. I know it’s not much, but I hope you all found enjoyment at this dedication to Tyler’s wonderful characters.

    For anyone thinking about commissioning Tyler, my experience was excellent and the finished product was… well… you can see it above: outstanding.

    Lastly, my wife and I have arrived at our new assignment! Once we get unpacked and find our new house I will be getting back to continuing the weekly Tales of Mewt & Capt EJ.


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