Hangover Blues

Oh, Katie, what hath you wrought? Nothing like going to the bank after a night irrisponsibility! Where else did you think Gregor would go after recieving such a large [undisclosed] sum? Check and Go? the Money Store?

Anyway, on to business!

For anyone that wants them, you can now get any wallpaper as an 8 1/2 x 11 print! I don’t have the links up yet, so just use one of the 2 that are pay what you want and send me a separate email specifying which one you’d like. As with the others it’s $30 per print OR you can get 3 for $40!!!!

The Kickstarter should be up soon as well. I just have a few things to iron out first. Stay tuned!

3 thoughts on “Hangover Blues

  1. Guesticus

    Hmmm, had originally thought Katie was worried/concerned how Gregor would react to what he saw

    Which raises the question: why did she go to bed with Chloe if she had a boyfriend?

    Will continue to read and see how this plays out

  2. Saiteja Javvadi

    Vandelay? As in Art Vandelay? XD
    Also, loving the comic! Running through the archive now!
    Keep up the good work!!


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