It’s Always Gregor

Hurray! The setup pages are done! Next page I get to start having fun! I’m finally able to set aside time every day for drawing, so I’m hoping to have pages up more frequently, especially given the page is about to speed up significantly.

I have decided that, since a printed volume isn’t really economically viable, and I want the Chloe/Katie story to see the light of day, I’ll be creating a Patreon tier for people to see it. Probably going to be $6 just so I can keep it separate from the wallpaper tier and the custom drawing tier. I will also be revamping the way I distribute the wallpapers to patrons, so watch for that soon.

1 thought on “It’s Always Gregor

  1. Aslan Balaur

    Looks like Chloe’s more ample bosom wasn’t just the “camera” angle as she is DEFINITELY more gifted than she was before. Well, so long as she isn’t trying to compete with Katie for biggest boobs award, and can stay a “handful” (heheh) I think it’ll be just fine for her to have a bit more than she used to. Looking great, the art, by the way. The progression from Comic 1 to this has been amazing. Rereading the whole thing after missing Gregor for about three years.


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