8 thoughts on “Manners, people!

  1. Infamous Nefarious

    I suddenly see the little ones head goin up the big ones ass by the time this is over….. Like in Hancock! 😀

    I bet that would get her to talk. Hope she doesn’t draw the short straw.

  2. Infamous Nefarious

    Be jealous of me and die!

    This weekend I’m actually leaving for Disney. So I’m gonna get to see the fight live and in person! Muah hah hah burn with your envy!

    I’ll let you guys know how it turns out. Maybe he’ll give me an autograph…..

    1. GreyWolf

      Uh, my name may appear as a link but don’t bother trying to click it, apparently I typed the captcha phrase in there by mistake which would explain why I got an error the first time I tried to post. >.<

  3. qka

    Why do I hear these two guys voiced like the two henchmen in “Diamonds Are Forever”, the James Bond movie with Sean Connery?

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