Personal Revelations

And cameo number two from our lovely Corset! There were others that posted before and I feel bad putting her before you guys, but I needed a girl for the joke. Sorry.

Keep those pics, coming, folks! I really need a ton and I’ve got maybe 6. I’m not charging you like Ethan Nicolle, this shit’s free! Free internets fame!

Also, NEW WALLPAPER! Chloe gets the spotlight this time! I drew this month’s wallpaper while watching Airplane! which really holds up. Love that movie.


EDIT: I’m not criticizing Ethan or Bearmageddon, btw. I love that comic and Axe Cop and I think he’s come up with a unique way to make money. I’m just lazy and don’t want to seek out background people.

5 thoughts on “Personal Revelations

  1. arjay2813

    The look on Chloe’s face in panels 3-6 is priceless, and well done (or vice versa on your choice of compliment preferences)

  2. O8h7w

    This comic is… a very good comic. Agreed on Chloe’s face. By panel two I still thought she was very well aware of being gay. I have thought so for a long time, panel 3 was both funny and revealing to me. Well done.

  3. Corset

    I love Chloe’s face. Katie is right though. Thor is some good eye candy for a blonde then again so is Katie.

    On a side note where did Katie’s tattoos go?

    1. Tyler Post author

      Her tats are still there, but not visible in this scene. Cap shield, right shoulder; spider web, left forearm.

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