Strong, Independent Woman

Oh, yeah! What WAS Katie going to do about her predicament? Maybe she should invest in some button up shirts.

27 thoughts on “Strong, Independent Woman

  1. Xone

    I feel bad but I keep thinking of Co Co when I see Katie make angry faces like that… maybe she needs an alien chip in her brain to get that shirt off if she doesn’t want to ask for help XD

  2. Guesticus

    Feel slightly bad, but loving all 4 expressions on this page 😀

    Being independent doesn’t mean you can’t ask for help when you need it 😛

  3. Synthetic Phylum

    Having dislocated one of my shoulders before… *several times,* I understand most of what she’s going through, here!

    Minus the boobs, though. I can only imagine how much they add to the problem!

    1. Arklytte

      I feel your feels. I dislocated my shoulder many moons ago…baseball injury when I was young…and it’s now somewhat prone to popping out. And I agree, getting in and out of shirts is one the major headaches…I think boobs would definitely make it that much more difficult.

      Poor Katie!

      OTOH, your art just keeps getting better Tyler! The facial expressions are totally clear and match the tone of each panel’s dialogue! 🙂 WTG

      Also…is it wrong of me that I’m looking forward to the next NSFW panel featuring the new style? 🙂

      1. Tyler Post author

        Thanks! I’m really happy with how the faces turned out. My personal favorite comic artist is Kevin McGuire, whose known for his facial expressions, and I’ve been trying to be as expressive as him.
        I’m not sure if there will be a full on nude page yet once she finally gets her shower. Still a ways off before we get to that point.

  4. Kat

    oh the cringing! There’s an easier way to do that XD I’ve been down an arm before, get your good one through the sleeve and inside your shirt, slide it out the bottom, move it over your head, and then down your bad arm! Not the easiest thing in the world, but usually when you’ve got your good arm taken care of, it’s easy after that. Too bad I can’t give her that advice X) ah well, maybe she’ll figure it out.

    either way, her expressions are awesome, like I said, cringeworthy, especially the last one! And oh the derp face for Greg, sweet!

      1. Kat

        A decent few tries that’s for sure XD but hey, after surgery when you can’t really move an arm without hurting yourself, you learn 😀

        at least if you want to do stuff like get changed and shower X)

      1. GreyWolf

        Though I prefer the way we did it at the theater I first saw it at:

        Frankie: “I see you shiver with antici…”
        Audience (speaking over Frankie’s last word): “consti … consti … consti …”
        Frankie: “..pation”
        Audience: “WHEW! That was hard to get out!”


        Yeah, I miss those days …

  5. Guesticus

    Haven’t dislocated shoulder, but for some reason yawning does something to the right shoulder to make it feel like it is about to pop out, and don’t normally have any movement problems

  6. Infamous Nefarious

    Wasn’t there one of those ‘lifehack’ videos for taking off your shirt, single-handed in a single motion?

    1. Thor

      Doesn’t take a life hack, just the ability to reach the back of your shirt collar. Simply grab the shirt where the tag would be, lift up and slide over the top of your head. Keep pulling down and forward until the bottom of the back of your shirt clears your face. At this point, your head and body will be out of the shirt, though your arms will still be through the arm holes.

      1. Infamous Nefarious

        Yeah, but the one I’m talking about gets it off your arms too. With a minimum of exertion.

        I’ll have to go dig it up.

        1. GreyWolf

          That’s easy – Thor’s method is just the first half. Once it’s off her head, Katie just uses her left hand to pull the shirt off her right arm then if using her right hand to pull it off her left arm is too painful then while sitting she could simply bend over and use her foot to hold the shirt while leaning back to pull it off.

          Yes, I’ve done it. Wasn’t a dislocated shoulder but it was a dislocated thumb that caused pain through my wrist and all the way up to my elbow if I put any serious strain on it. Doctor’s call it “skier’s thumb” but I got it by taking a spill on a mountain bike.

  7. GreyWolf

    Looking at panel 3 I wondered “does Katie have heterochromia and I never noticed?” But then looking more closely I realized it was just a fluke of the shading that made it look that way, heh.

    Agreed with the others, Tyler, this update shows your artwork is getting better every day. The expressions on her face are great!


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