The Face of Regret

So, I ended up drawing this while doing the livestream Saturday night (As I write this I finished the stream about half an hour ago) as there weren’t many people watching the stream, as I thought might happen. I rather enjoyed it and it made me feel. . . culpable to the watchers, so I didn’t get distracted while I was drawing. I think I’m going to start streaming every Saturday night and, maybe, it’ll keep me on task long enough to get out a page a week. Or a page a fortnight, at least.

14 thoughts on “The Face of Regret

  1. Chinthor

    Maybe I’m not parsing the picture. Is that her couch, crumpled around a punch, scrunched like a beer can, and impaled into the wall?

      1. O8h7w

        Thanks and thanks, that picture was difficult to parse. Probably in large part because it is a very unusual result of a human punching a sofa. Which begs the question… has Gregor’s powers somehow leaked over to Katie a bit?

        1. Tyler Post author

          yeah, there wasn’t exactly any kind of photo reference I could use, so I had to make up the visual out of whole cloth.

  2. Xone

    Older, discontinued webcomic. Tripp by Bill Taylor.

    The story of an office drone stuck in a never-ending acid trip. Along with the ghost of Edgar Allan Poe, Tripp must learn to cope with his new psychotropically enhanced existence as well as his exposure to the world beneath the world.

    Coco is Tripp’s love interest who has an alien chip in her brain that causes her to turn berserk. 5-6′ tall. Dirty blonde. Ample chest. All the right curves in the right places without being a stick. If her hair was a brighter blonde, or she had tattoos, she’d almost look like a clone of Katie.

    1. O8h7w

      I recognise this, vaguely. Very vaguely, and only now that you’ve described it. How long ago might it be since I read that? A decade or more?


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