8 thoughts on “Waiting

  1. GreyWolf

    If ever there was a human image of “lost and sick little puppy” – it’s Chloe’s face in that last panel. Poor baby. Her life got drawn into theirs like Dorothy’s house into the tornado – except this time Oz was pretty freakin lethal.

    Hope she and Katie get to have more fun next chapter – they earned it, methinks.

    1. Tyler Post author

      Excuses, excuses! “wah, there’s Taliban shooting at me, I can’t finish my comic, wah!” 😛
      I’ve got a few others I can put up before and I’ve still got at least two pages left of this arc. I’d say I’ll be taking of February so you should have time to finish up.

      Oh, and thank you for your service!

      1. Jason E. Janson

        HA! That’s aaaaalmost what I wrote, and then I thought…”nah, that sounds too much like a fucking pussy,” so I changed it.

        Shiny, Capt’n. Hopefully I can finish up well before then. and I think you’ve earned some time off.

        Thanks, brother. OH! The missus LOVED the Halo commission…cheers!

          1. GreyWolf

            oooo that got me thinking

            I never played Halo (sue me :P) but I am very into Borderlands (about to fire it up right now, matter of fact) – may have an idea for a commission in the future.

            Think Chloe (clear yet that she’s my favorite? :D) and Lilith/Maya mashup. I think Chloe would make a very hot siren. If I went that route, would have to give you extra time, though, the siren tattoos would be a pain, methinks.

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