Watch Out for Anything That Slithers

When I was going through this scene in my head I was trying to think of the single most intimidating animatronic creature at Disneyland and I remembered this beast from the Indiana Jones ride.  I’d originally planned on Jack Sparrow because he’s a creep and fuck him for sticking his tri-corn hat in my second favorite ride!

Anyhoo, all of the donation desktops should be working and, unlike last year, I WILL have the next page for next week. So, since I shan’t see you until then, Happy Thanksgiving to my American fans and happy Just Another Day to be Disgusted by American Excess Day to everyone else!

12 thoughts on “Watch Out for Anything That Slithers

    1. GreyWolf

      Agreed – and am I the only one who would gladly cough up double the normal donation if Tyler makes the followup to this month’s wallpaper and draw them a few minutes later in the scene? 😀

  1. Serge

    I think you misspelled There in the last panel.

    could just be my eyes or my mind acting strange on me, but i’m pretty sure as it is now that the girl says “Brere Bear behind me?”

  2. alurker

    Agh! Giant Snake!
    And um, wasn’t there writing on Katie’s shirt before?
    It’s been a while since I’ve last seen her. 🙂

    1. GreyWolf

      I was sure that you were right, that she was wearing the same Browncoats t-shirt that Tyler has in the store (I *AM* getting one eventually! The wife wants one too, I think …) but I went to check the archives to make sure.

      That’s when I noticed something cool. Hey Tyler, I know it wasn’t that way a couple weeks ago, so you make that change in the last few days? Very nice, I likes! For those who haven’t checked recently, instead of showing strip titles, it has thumbnails now. Makes looking for a specific older comic much easier.

      And yeah – she was wearing the Browncoats t-shirt, and the print is now missing. ::snicker:: Oops? 😀

      1. Tyler Post author

        And her spider web tattoo is missing. I’m gonna fix this and several other pages with minor tweaks as soon as I’m done with this week’s page.

  3. XMinusOne

    I enjoy your comic, having read it from the beginning.

    BTW it’s ‘Br’er Bear’ (no ‘e’),an abbreviation of ‘brother’ in the dialect which Joel Chandler Harris used in his ‘Uncle Remus’ stories.

    1. GreyWolf

      I started to type a post about that, too – but I’ve picked on Tyler enough times I was afraid he was going to start muttering about goosestepping and funny uniforms when he saw my name if I didn’t knock it off. 😀


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