Within You

You know, while it’s fun to write all these hapless villains who have no chance of hurting Gregor, I kinda want to do a storyline where he gets the shit kicked out of him.

Maybe soon…

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18 thoughts on “Within You

  1. Sean

    The worst enemy a theme-villain can have, a hero who’s seen the movie.
    Does he get his little brother back now?

  2. Sean

    I take that back. The worst enemy a theme-villain can have, himself.
    He really shouldn’t have picked a theme that had such a well published weakness.

  3. TogashiSoka

    Wasn’t Gregor supposed to be trippin on some MC Escher before saying that? (MC Escher, he’s favorite MC!)

  4. Paddy

    I’m not a big fan of origin stories, but at some point, it might be interesting to have at least a little idea as to where Gregor came from and why he’s so powerful.

  5. Laszlo

    I get the feeling that Gregor wasn’t too terribly upset with the robbers in all, at least until the Goblin King decided to (probably) blind everybody in the bank in his attack on Gregor.

  6. demanufactured_00

    One of these days Greg is going to meet his match! As soon as these theme villains step up their game….

    1. GreyWolf

      I think Gregor looks forward to that more than we do. 😀

      The day it happens he will just stare … then nod … then get a wicked grin on his face as he says “it’s about f*****g time …”

  7. Forklifter

    I’d hate to see Gregor meet his match OR have the shit kicked out of him. The fight that would have resulted in that would be the equivalent of being at ground zero of a small nuke. Only a good scene in a completely uninhabited area.

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