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Boys Keep Swinging

Two things I learned from using the cover to The Avengers: Assemble by George Perez as my inspiration for the second panel-
1. George Perez know more about musculature than I ever will
2. Something is VERY wrong with Scarlet Witch’s waist in that drawing!!

Anyhoo, we get Uranus on this page! Let the butt jokes commence!

Life on Mars

No tones this week. I’ll try to get them put in later but, for now, I’m just glad I was able to get THIS done before I missed another week. All these characters!
In case you can’t tell, this is an Avengers parody. I have to say it is a parody so as not to get sued. Not pictured is Uranus because I couldn’t fit her in the pis without it being that much more crowded, so we’ll say she’s bringing up the rear (I’m so funny).

And yes, Pluto is the dwarf.

Ashes to Ashes…

New page! I bet that didn’t go how you thought it would! Who’d have thought he’d have it in him to show restraint??

Still working on getting the KS started. I am so FUCKING busy with work and my puppies that I’ve had no time to get shit done outside of the weekly strip. I HAVE, however, finished the line work on the new wallpaper, so that should be up by the first week of November. Keep your pupils peeled!


You have no idea how much work went into that ONE panel!

I tried designing them all off panel and quit after Jareth and the Ashes to Ashes clown. Anyway, the Goon Squad has been in my head since I first heard Fashion way back when. I just never commited them to paper.

Kickstarter update: I’ve been really busy with my day job so I’ve not had much time to work on the KS campaign so I’m looking into trimming down just what I was going to put up on the page. Also have a wallpaper I’m working on that should be ready soon. Chloe fans, rejoice!