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Katie and Gregor have been friends since she was little. They’ve moved into an apartment together and she is frequently greeted with the news that Gregor has been fired from -insert job name here-

Welcome to Gregor!

This post is for the mobile version of the site, since the comic won’t load as posts with AMP (Yay.) I’ll put the most recent comic on here as I post them until I figure out how to get the comic on here. To read the rest of the comic click on the menu and click either the “first comic” or “all comics” links at the top. Enjoy!

Life on Mars

No tones this week. I’ll try to get them put in later but, for now, I’m just glad I was able to get THIS done before I missed another week. All these characters!
In case you can’t tell, this is an Avengers parody. I have to say it is a parody so as not to get sued. Not pictured is Uranus because I couldn’t fit her in the pis without it being that much more crowded, so we’ll say she’s bringing up the rear (I’m so funny).

And yes, Pluto is the dwarf.

Ashes to Ashes…

New page! I bet that didn’t go how you thought it would! Who’d have thought he’d have it in him to show restraint??

Still working on getting the KS started. I am so FUCKING busy with work and my puppies that I’ve had no time to get shit done outside of the weekly strip. I HAVE, however, finished the line work on the new wallpaper, so that should be up by the first week of November. Keep your pupils peeled!


You have no idea how much work went into that ONE panel!

I tried designing them all off panel and quit after Jareth and the Ashes to Ashes clown. Anyway, the Goon Squad has been in my head since I first heard Fashion way back when. I just never commited them to paper.

Kickstarter update: I’ve been really busy with my day job so I’ve not had much time to work on the KS campaign so I’m looking into trimming down just what I was going to put up on the page. Also have a wallpaper I’m working on that should be ready soon. Chloe fans, rejoice!

Hangover Blues

Oh, Katie, what hath you wrought? Nothing like going to the bank after a night irrisponsibility! Where else did you think Gregor would go after recieving such a large [undisclosed] sum? Check and Go? the Money Store?

Anyway, on to business!

For anyone that wants them, you can now get any wallpaper as an 8 1/2 x 11 print! I don’t have the links up yet, so just use one of the 2 that are pay what you want and send me a separate email specifying which one you’d like. As with the others it’s $30 per print OR you can get 3 for $40!!!!

The Kickstarter should be up soon as well. I just have a few things to iron out first. Stay tuned!

Preview Page 3

Sorry I’m late folks! Life just seems to keep getting in between me and this here webcomic. One page left in the preview and then I’m opening up the Kickstarter again.

As for today’s page, I really enjoyed drawing these faces. I used to hate faces. So complex and if you fucked up one thing you could tell INSTANTLY! Also, I had a whole airport terminal rendered and ready for the background on the first panel, but it was too noisy and the simple “generic people walking around” tone worked perfectly.

Preview Page 2

New page! I am really liking the way my facial expressions have been turning out lately. That’s right, I’m so awesome that I impress myself. Take that, everyone else!

Two more pages of this and then we get back into the main story. I’m also working on getting the new Kickstarter ready to go live; smaller goal, better rewards and a fun time to be had by all. Except me since I’ll be obsessively checking my email looking for new backers. FUN!

Preview page 1

So the Kickstarter didn’t go as I hoped. Oh, well. To be honest I had doubts after the first week that I’d get over 2k. I’m going to be retooling the KS and put it up in a month or so. I’ll have some of the old pages fixed up for examples of the changes I’ll be making for the printed volume AND 4 pages of the print exclusive Katie and Chloe’s Grand Day Out! Can’t you just TASTE the excitement??

Not Ready NSFW

For some reason, Facebook always likes to put the first few lines of this write up in the preview, and this is gonna get spoilery, so I’m just gonna type in my favorite movie quote.

What is that supposed to mean? “China is here?” I don’t even know what the hell that means! All I know is this Lo Pan guy comes out of nowhere in the middle of a god-damned alley, while his buddies are flying around on wires cutting everybody to shreds, and he JUST STANDS THERE waiting for me to drive my truck STRAIGHT THROUGH HIM? With LIGHT COMING OUT OF HIS MOUTH?!

Okay, enough of that

ZOMG! How did that happen? Why did that happen? who what when where did that happen? Well, there’s only one way to find out! I’m making a book! And the only way you’ll get to find out just what led to this coital encounter is to buy it! BUT FIRST! We must FUND it!

Behold, the Kickstarter! For real this time! Go donate and get amazing things in return. Please note that if you choose to donate over $1000 that you will be written into the comic as a recurring character! You might even get to bump uglies with one of the girls! If that’s not incentive then I don’t know what is! I’ll be sure and post the Kickstarter as soon as I get approved, so keep watching here!

In the meantime I’ll be taking a hiatus while I work on the next story and, if the project is funded, I’ll be posting 3 preview pages of the print exclusive story!