A Valid Question

Ah, Katie, always getting to the point without any needless filler.

The poor guy getting shafted by the lovely Chloe is the first of my reader cameos! If you want to be drawn in to Gregor just hit the “Contact Us” link at the top of the page and send me a link to a picture of you with “background” in the subject line of the message!

I’ve always wondered about splash mountain and why it’s remained Song of the South related. Shit or get off the pot. Disney! Either embrace the movie or change Splash Mountain to Pocahontas or something. I actually loved the Song of the South as a kid. Great stories and a really friendly old man imparting his wisdom to the next generation.

So I lost in the first round of the NSFW Comicmix tournament. But at least I lost to a worthy foe. To those who do not currently read I AM ARG! I would definitely recommend it. Especially if you like anthropomorphic penises in scarfs.


ALSO! This month’s NSFW wallpaper will be late. The file got corrupted when I was about 20 minutes away from being done so I had to start from scratch!


18 thoughts on “A Valid Question

  1. Corset

    Aww poor random guy.
    *has decided wants to be in comic* 0:
    *email sent*

    I feel so left out I’ve never been in Disney theme park. I’m using your comic to make a to do list for when I get to go. XD

  2. Razmoudah

    I have a thought about why Splash Mountain hasn’t changed, it might be because Disney won’t have anything to do with ‘Song of the South’ anymore. When they made the ride the movie was considered perfectly acceptable, but now that it isn’t any change to the ride will call attention to the fact that that was the movie it was originally based on and may cause people to want to watch the movie to see what it was changed from. I know that sounds really weird, but the ride had been around for a very long time before its movie became taboo, so the less attention Disney calls to the ride the easier it is to hide their sordid past (lets face it, how many people are going to pay a lot of attention to a ride that doesn’t get changes and updates?).

    1. O8h7w

      I think you’re right. And in a few more years (or decades), they will try to quietly remove it altogether.

    2. Tyler Post author

      Except that Splash mountain opened in the early 90’s (I want to say 92?) and I can’t say as Song of the South was very highly regarded then

      1. Razmoudah

        Are you sure that’s when it first opened? I remember it went through some renovations in the early ’90’s (updating safety features and such), but it seems to me it was around before then. Also, up until around the mid- to late-’90’s you could get away with things that weren’t ‘politically correct’ without the lawsuit horrors we see today, and that includes making something related to such things (such as building Splash Mountain).

          1. Razmoudah

            Huh, are you sure on those dates? I just asked my mother (as I’m nearly 30 and she has over 2 decades on me I thought she might have a reasonably close estimate) and she thought it was either the late ’60’s or early ’70’s for Splash Mountain. Google and I don’t get along, so I haven’t Googled the dates, but I would appreciate it if you could give me a link, as the ‘opening’ dates you’ve provided sound about right for the re-opening I vaguely remember hearing about after the safety updates. Also, I’m fairly certain that ’83 was when they started doing the safety renovations to most of the attractions, along with when they started re-doing some attractions to keep them current(ish) with pop culture.

        1. Corset

          I think the confusion comes in here with Disneys official statement about recycled characters
          . “Longtime Disneyland Park Guests might find many of the Splash Mountain critters familiar. Much of the cast originally made their Disneyland debut at the classic show America Sings, where they performed patriotic melodies in Tomorrowland from 1974 to 1988. When America Sings successfully completed its run, the beloved performers were recruited to make the trip over to Critter Country for the opening of Splash Mountain in 1989.”

          I wiki’d it. Oh I wiki’d it. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Splash_Mountain

          But there was some difference between disneyland and disney world

          Hmm it wouldn’t let me reply to the right one.

          1. Tyler Post author

            Oh, I wiki’d as well, my dear. I knew it came in to being within my lifetime as I have distinct memories of the Disney Channel making a big to do about it when it opened. You know, back when the Disney Channel was about Disney and not a bunch of tween bullshit. FUCK YOU ZACK AND CODY!

          2. Razmoudah

            @Tyler: In that case it was within my lifetime as well, but being from a farm family I didn’t have access to the Disney channel until well into this millenium.

            Thank you for the references to it. What’s probably thrown my mother and I off is the fact that although we’ve heard of some of the characters (the non-Splash Mountain specific ones) we weren’t aware of the degree of time difference from the creation of the characters to the implementation of the ride.

  3. O8h7w

    Ah, Katie. Good question.

    I have another one: What does her shirt say?

    Moreover, I think you put down two letters in the wrong order when you typed the title for this page. Sorry for being a born proofreader.

    1. Corset

      I think it says “Brown Shirts do it in their Bunk”

      I don’t know if that is supposed to be a Nazi Germany reference or a Firefly Reference.
      (or just bs so her shirt says something)

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