Meanwhile, Back At Stately Gregor Manor . . .(NSFW)
  1. alurker

    Yeah. I have that exact same reaction whenever girls take their tops off in front of me. *nodnod*

  2. Yea! She has nipples!
    I hate it when artists censor their work so a topless chick had Barbie boobs. It always freaked me out.

    • I agree! Manga seems to be the biggest culprit, there! I did think about having her cover her boobs with her arm, but then I thought “They’re boobs. What’s the big deal?”
      I also made a point to make them react naturally to gravity. They don’t just float there!

  3. Sheela

    Ah nice, she’s subtle like a shotgun. 🙂

  4. HOLY SHEEEEIII–This is officially my new favorite comic. They seem to have gotten so large that they throw off her center of balance.

    It’s always both weird and awesome when girls don’t mind stripping around you. On the one hand, you’ve just gotten a great eyeful. On the other hand, you’ve just been relegated to the level of a piece of furniture; that’s just how non-threatening and far from a romantic relationship she considers you.

  5. Infamous Nefarious

    Congratulations! She’s boobnificent again! And just when I thought this comic couldn’t get any better? Kaboobies! She pops her top. I just KNEW this comic had great potential. I am not disappointed.

    • I was waiting for you to chime in on this page . . .

      • Infamous Nefarious

        Sorry chief. Been busy as hell. I’ve got a 3 week backlog of comics to look at.

        But it’s nice to be thought of. 😀

  6. James

    This comic is truly made of equal parts win and awesome.

    • I might have to steal that to use on ads.

  7. Renadt

    Not to nitpick, but why are the babes shaded like Powder? I thought they had a bit of color to them?

    Other than that, rocking comic!

    • my attempt to use cool shadows, due to this being an interior scene, made them look a bit more albino than usual. But they are both fairly pale, which is how I like my ladies!

      • Renadt

        Okay, I can see where you’re going with that. Especially with florescent lights.

  8. Chase

    Anyone else notice that captain america tattoo on her shoulder? Fuckin sweet.

  9. matt

    clearly as the pic shows, men are the only ones who need a cold shower

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