One year ago today, the world lost someone special: Hannah Rose Orton, age fifteen. Hannah was my wife’s little sister. I’d known her since she was three and I watched her grow in to an amazing young woman. Hannah was a very passionate girl, throwing herself wholly into everything she took an interest in. Skilled beyond her years, her art was head and shoulders above mine at that age.  She was a unique spirit at an age where everyone wants to fit in. Hannah had her own style and made a point to stand out of a crowd. Everyone who knew her loved her. It seemed like, every time I saw her, she was always attached to her best friend in the whole world, Shania. Even if they weren’t together Hannah was talking about her. They were inseparable.

She absolutely adored her big sister, Sarah, and strived to be like her. She was to be in an advanced placement program when she got to high school, she loved Marie Antoinette and wanted to visit Paris, just like her big sister. She loved the band Metric and got her mom and stepdad to take her to Arizona to see them live. Like I said, passionate.

I was Hannah’s age was when I first came up with Gregor. He’d been bouncing around in my head and on paper for the past 15 years, and I just never got around to doing anything with him. I did buy the domain I use now in early July last year, but I had yet to do anything with it.

Then, at six PM on July 28th, I got the call. “You better come over here right now. Something’s happened to Hannah.”

Her death shocked everyone. There was no reason for it. One minute she was talking to Sarah on the phone, preparing for us to come see her that friday, the next, she was gone. We still don’t know what happened, but it shocked me into action. I realize now just how little time we get, and I knew that if I wanted to do this comic I would have to get off my ass and force myself to.

Everything I do now, I do for Hannah. She is my muse, the force that keeps me going. I strive to do what I want to do with my  life because she can’t. I live my life for her. Not a day goes by that I don’t think about her and I never want that to stop. She may be gone, but she’ll always be with me.

Gregor returns next week. Thank you.