Ignorant Rival

End of the arc, kids! HOWEVER! Thanks to Chloe I’m able to keep going without a break for you lovely folks!

The new SFW wallpaper is very close to ready and I have been doing my very best to make it my best one yet.

The response to the Patreon has been very encouraging and I have to thank everyone that’s contributed so far!

In other news, while I’m still scheduled for the At Press Fest here in Salt Lake, the Salt Lake Comic Con is a no go. They are officially out of artist booths.

11 thoughts on “Ignorant Rival

  1. Stephen

    Chloe, you sneaky…

    Yeah, you forgot he worked there. Sure. Weasel. I hope Katie decides to risk the worst outcome and nip this in the bud by going to Sean and telling him what’s happening. Better he finds out now as opposed to later. Katie strikes me as the kind of person who doesn’t do what’s expected.

  2. foxtiger66

    I don’t know what to think of Chole right here. She must feeling since they slept together that Katie mwill leave sean for her? I still think she just doesn’t know how to conduct herself well in this situation since all new to her.

    1. Guesticus

      Damnit! Keep getting those two mixed up!

      Was about to comment about “how can you call Chloe crazy?” (thinking that this was Katie)

    2. demanufactured_00

      Haha my thoughts exactly. And the thanks/ I’m sorry plays right into that twisted crazy we all know as woman logic. Forgot you own this place….riiight

  3. GreyWolf

    Doesn’t matter, Chloe is still my favorite. 😀

    And is it just me or does it look to anyone else in panel 2 like she’s scratching her butt? I figured at first she was putting her cel phone away, but she puts her hand in that same pocket, and those jeans fit her pretty tight. Looking again, I’m not really sure where the heck she could have put it, heh.

    1. Guesticus

      Probably just stuck her hand in her back pocket because front pockets tend to be just for decoration

  4. Infamous Nefarious

    Hey! Still reading. Just low commenting. This chapter has been great, and it just keeps getting better. 😀

    Man, that Chloe….. She’s kinda catty. You think she’s apologizing for doing it with Katie? I wonder…. Is it possible she took advantage of Katie’s medicated state? I mean, with her injuries? Even post-op, she’s gotta be in a world of pain. I bet they’d have given her something pretty strong for a chest/shoulder wound that bad.

    Katie just doesn’t strike me as the kind to choose to cheat on her boyfriend. Not if he’s actually a good boyfriend. Probably not even if he was a douche….. I do not envy her what’s to come.


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