This one was feeling a little naked without shading, so I took a little bit of extra time and put it in. After all, it’s basically just one person in front of a background.


She’s been one of my favorites since I redesigned her for this comic. When I first created these guys back when I was in junior high (they all predate Gregor by about 3 years) I always had trouble with what I wanted to do with Uranus. I think at one point it was a hulking robot with buzzsaw arms because of how the planet is on its side (I was 14, give me a break.) When I finally looked up the Greek god, and saw that he was literally the sky, I thought doing an Angel knock off would probably be best. Also, he ruled the universe, so he wasn’t exactly a slouch. So I thought I would start with her being the butt of the joke (get it?) then reveal her power later. She’s definitely my favorite of all of the Planetary Society.