Corset is a long time reader of my silly little webcomic and sent me this a few months back. She also did a lovely writeup of Gregor on her blog which I found by randomly googling “gregor comics” and seeing what came up.

She’s asked me to point you to her DeviantArt page, which I do with great joy. She’s got some good stuff there and she’s definitely progressing as an artist.

This is the last week of the hiatus! I just want to thank all of you for sticking around! The last two storyarcs were written as I went, but I wrote this one out completely before I even started drawing one page, so I’m very excited to see how you guys like it. I should have enough pages done by next Monday that I can update twice a week. I’m thinking Mondays and Thursdays. If I can maintain the same level of speed that I’ve had so far I should be able to stay a month a head and still update twice a week. I AM, however, getting rid of colors for the time being. It just takes so much time to color and shade everything; whereas greyscale allows me to use the same tone for several objects and your mind fills in the color.