Through Playing Around

New page and new tits!

This page was super fun to draw. I really liked the idea that, for all there scheming and abilities, these guys are really nothing more than an annoyance to Gregor.

New wallpaper is up featuring both of Gregor’s female accomplices. As always every old wallpaper can be found in the “Older Donation Wallpapers” page for a paltry $2.00 a piece!




15 thoughts on “Through Playing Around

  1. Emrys-Janson

    I have recently found, read fully through, and am completely addicted. To you, good sir, for causing this addiction, I offer you my thanks! 😀 I’ll be making my way to the wallpapers as well. Support the Gregor!

    1. GreyWolf

      Only reason I haven’t already bought the new wallpaper (it has my favorite bubblegum-haired hottie, after all) is I am waiting on my CC payment to clear – the vacation trip to the Austin comic con racked it out. Friggin Chase always flags payments on hold for a week before they post. ::grumble::

  2. O8h7w

    This page proves it once again. You are, really, one of the best comic-makers I have ever seen the works of. It’s clear to see that you had a good time drawing this… wonderful 🙂

  3. GreyWolf

    Two questions for ya, Tyler (posting here instead of by email, figure others might be curious):

    1) any plans for someday doing a printed collection? (if so, start planning that Kickstarter project – then SHUT UP AND TAKE MY MONEY!!!! :D)

    2) any chance now that you are doing color that maybe slowly, one-by-one, the old strips might get inked? waiting every week for installments got me twitching so bad I started rereading the archives again tonight – maybe I should make my own local saves so I dont jack up your bandwidth bill? heh

    Oh, and I followed ya on Twitter tonight. I’ve actually started watching my feed the last few weeks, so only made sense I should make sure you were on the list.

    1. GreyWolf

      While rereading the archives, I was reminded of your response to my question about the Vaudevillians’ backstory, where you said it would be only in the *print* version.


      Yeah, I’m awake. Guess that just shows how anxious I am for it?

    2. Tyler Post author

      feel free to go through my archives all you want! I’ve got a friend hosting my site and I have no bandwidth limits. I just have to give him the NSFW wallpaper for free every month. I’m definitely doing a TPB very soon and I WILL be kickstarting it. The same friend that hosts my site also runs a printing press so I can get a pretty good price. If I can get enough donations I can do the TPB in color, but right now my plan is for B&W.
      Also, I rarely tweet, but thanks for the follow!

        1. Tyler Post author

          I don’t. Once I’m done with this arc I’ll be looking into different options.Maybe a B&W for 10 and a color for 18? it really depends on the success of the kickstarter once I launch that.

      1. GreyWolf

        Already got a kickstarter profile set up, backed 4 projects so far. I look forward to you posting the link to yours, Tyler.

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