I think this page took all of 10 minutes since it involved no new drawing :P

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  1. Lysander

    I like the title. Makes me think most of what they did was eat a wide variety of cheeses. That’s why they’re naked together at the end — too much cheese, so they have to share body heat to digest it all.

    “More cambert, Katie?” she said, proffering a silver-chased spatula.

    Katie considered the delicate wedge and shook her head. “I think we should try the Bleu next.” She took a small sip of Earl Grey while quirking her eyebrows playfully at Chloe.

    “Would you prefer it on a cracker, or a slice of cucumber?” Chloe held up each of the options, making a little dance out of it.

    • Maybe it IS Wensleydale…..

  2. Bucc-i

    First Pider Man, and now Chaper? Tyler do you talk with a lisp or a very strong accent?

    • shut up! I was in a hurry! Look! An Elephant!

      • Stompinstein

        That was a delightful image. Now I’m hungry for clam chowder, milk and brownies. Dunno why.

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Katie and Chloe's Grand Day Out

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