Ahh! She's just too cute!

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  1. Xone

    I’ve never played Overwatch before (not fond of arena pvp games with no single-player mode) but I’ve seen enough “suggested” content on youtube to know IF I ever did play, I’d be using Mei. I get warm waaay to easy so I prefer cold weather. Snow, Ice, and the like is right up my alley. She would totally be my lovely snowconewaifu.

    • admin

      Same. The game looks like I’d have a lot of fun, if it had single player. I miss the days when multiplayer was a feature, and not the thrust of the game.

  2. GreyWolf

    Ah… Mei is bae. She was one of my favorites to play before Overwatch burned me out and I quit playing. Might have to see if you still do commissions…

    (dunno if I ever told you, but wife loved the anniversary gift I bought last time I did one… excellent work, Tyler)

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