Sorry about the latness of this week’s page! I got a 12 hour bug right about the time i usually finish up the page last night, so I had to put it off a day.

FYI! I’ve reduced prices in the store! Sure, I just have the two designs right now, but I’m working to expand the line! If you have any suggestions for something you would buy, let me know! Also, since it’s through CafePress, I really don’t have a TON of say on the prices, but if I get enough interest from you guys I would consider just having a bunch printed and shipping them out myself.

And by “enough interest” I mean at least 100 folks need to tell me they want a shirt and what they’d be willing to pay for it. And hey, if I go that way and someone sends me a design to use I will TOTALLY hook you up with a free t-shirt!