For those that don’t get the title to this page, feel free to go read the greatest comic book ever written, Watchmen.

As for the art of this one, I wanted to convey the somewhat inconsistent nature of Mr Liefeld’s art by A. seriously bulking up Lie-Carver from the last page to this one and B. Lazily removing the Lie-Chloe and explaining it through a wall of text.

HEY! I’m back! I know I say that every time I post a page, but this time, it’s true(probably)! Things speed up quite a bit coming up and I have it all plotted out, so I shouldn’t hit any more artist’s blocks. Is that a thing? Like a writer’s block? ANYWAY, I’m pleased with how the Mercury pinup turned out, so I’ll be doing more, with NSFW versions on the Patreon. I think I’ll do Pluto next; I can have some fun with those wings!