What’s that you say?

“Tyler, this doesn’t seem right! your figures on this page have far better rendering than any of the pages you’ve drawn recently! Have you suddenly gotten GOOD at drawing or hired someone to draw for you?”

What a dick thing to say! You should feel ashamed for thinking that, internet! In reality I’ve been using a simple tablet to do my pages up to this point. It took a lot of getting used to and I still never really got to the point where I could properly translate what I normally can draw with a pencil. HOWEVER!

That’s all changed now that I got me a Wacom Cintiq, baby!

It’s an older DTI-520, but it’s light years ahead of my old tablet! I can actually draw the way I was meant to draw right on the screen, so my comics should look more in line with my skills going forward. Anyway….

So for this week’s strip I knew I wanted a Jafar suicide bomber and, rather than make it a guy in a big head costume, decided to make him as on model as I could. I think he turned out pretty damn close; though the best looking rendering of him ended up being the smallest. OH WELL


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