How Can You Spot a Vegan at a Party?

Hurray! I’m back! Walt Disney World was AWESOME! Nothing like being at the Hollywood Studios park for May the 4th! I actually got a shit ton of drawing done on this trip, and I only drew on the plane! It’s amazing what you can accomplish when you are stuck in your seat for 5 hours!


EDIT: I fixed the missing text in Kale’s tirade, so you can stop telling me about it.

7 thoughts on “How Can You Spot a Vegan at a Party?

  1. GreyWolf

    W00+! He’s back! Sounds like your trip was fun, too.

    This guy sure thinks highly of himself, doesn’t he? Gregor’s gonna let him down HARD, methinks.

    And I hate to do this and be a stinker … but panel 1, bubble #5 … we must do what to our animal shells? (I’m assuming “shed” or “discard”)

  2. JC

    Great comic, but I just noticed something. The little link thing to the left of the page, with Gregor holding the woman and yelling at her to subscribe? He’s saying ‘subcribe.’ Keep up the great work, looking forward to the next comic!


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