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  1. arjay2813

    its a beautiful starry night, there’s a great earth out tonight and…is it getting closer? damn it…

    this is what happens when i lack sleep from DST, watch a commercial for a bugs bunny cartoon and read gregor. i hope someone gets the reference (and yes i get the irony of a loony toons reference when they’ve been to disney world)

    • Run for the hills folks, or you’ll be up to your armpits in Martians!

      • arjay2813

        yeah couldnt find a link, but it was from a marvin the martian episode

  2. HUZZAH! The adventure continues! 😀

    And it is already looking like Tyler took advantage of the hiatus to up his game while he was at it, art is looking even sharper.

    ::peers at the post comment::

    God as my witness, I will one day earn the rank of Named Loyal Pervert and be included in the credits, whatever it takes. Just gotta think of the raunchiest (but not disgusting) commission I can send him. Already have the next 2 or 3 commission ideas in my head and they don’t qualify.

    One idea springs to mind, but not sure Tyler would want to draw it … heh.

    • Eugene and Rusty is a reference to the Simpsons

      • Just bein’ a snark, Tyler. 😉 Relax, have some cake.

  3. Yea! Gregor is back!! <3
    Does he really need a parachute? :O

    • Considering the clothes he is wearing, I am guessing he is going for a stealth entry. So, yeah, parachute required otherwise the sound of Gregor adding a new crater to their property would be a giveaway. 😀

      • Lol I suppose most people wouldn’t have my fan girl squee about Gregor landing in their front drive.

  4. Twice as much Gregor? Psyched.

  5. differ

    yo, dude, great to see Grey is back in actionXD and that ur back as wellXP (thought i forgot ye did uXD) anyways, i was wondering r Katie and Chloe gonna talk about the kiss they shared? or do we as perverted and loyal fans let our minds fill in the blanksXP

  6. sam

    is geronimo a doctor who reference?

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