Sorry for the late update, people. A word of advice: If you ever think to yourself “I’m gonna draw Bert’s jacket from Mary Poppins,” don’t. Quite the headache, that.

On top of that it was also a very warm weekend so I spend a great deal of time outside getting my garden ready so my time’s been strained.  I will always get the page up sometime during the weekend, usually on Friday, but I give myself that flexibility of just saying “the weekend.” for instances like this.

My MANY thanks to the dozens of you that have already purchased the donation desktop! If I’d have known Katie’s knockers were such a selling point I’d have put up a desktop on DAY ONE! I’m working on next month’s desktop and I will just say that fans of Chloe will NOT be disappointed 🙂

Last thing: Wanna be in my comic?

Since our heroes are in Disneyland I’m going to need to draw quite a few background people, and pulling them out of my ass leads to very boring looking people. If you want to be drawn into the background just click on the “contact us” page and in the subject line type “background” then post a link to a pic of you in the body of the message! Thanks!