This is what we’ve been leading up to, faithful readers! I only hope it’s obvious what it is I’m trying to do, here. These guys are actually the first villains that I thought of AFTER I had started publishing Gregor. Originally I was going to have Gregor get trapped in a dimension where everything looked like it was drawn by Rob Leifeld, but I eventually decided it would be funner to make the big bad alien menace from G’s origin shitty shapshifters that always look like the person they’re imitating, only if they were drawn by Rob Liefeld.

Rob always gets used as the bellwether for bad drawing, but he actually can draw. Really well, in fact. He just doesn’t normally. Hell, if I got paid what he did I’d draw teeny tiny waists and truck-sized guns and pockets for days!


Also, I wish I hadn’t been lazy when I did the first page in this room and had actually drawn a background. Oh, well. :/