Sorry about the delay, folks! I was having a few problems that I’m still working through, which I’ll go in to detail about after I talk about this page:

This page was a lot of fun to draw, but harrowing at the same time. I’d plotted it out but didn’t script this one. In fact I didn’t even know what I was going to have as dialogue until I typed it into the balloons. Also, side-boob. Awesome.

So this is page 24 of the “Terror” storyline, so this is the end of the first issue of that arc. I’m not overly happy with it as I had hoped to get more accomplished in this issue. One of the main problems was, and still is, that I’ve had some serious writer’s block on this arc. I know where I want it to go, but not how to get there. I’ve been writing two to three pages ahead of where I am through the whole arc, hoping I’d figure out what I wanted by the time I caught up.

Well, I didn’t, which leads me to this: I’m taking a break.

It has become such that I’ve had to choose between a good, cohesive story and updating on time, and I think I made the wrong choice. I’m going to work on the script for the rest of this arc and hopefully at least outline the next few, while also working on some side projects (ie: the side story for the printed volume and some more prints/wallpapers).

So it’ll be a deserted here for at least a month, maybe more. Which is where you come in! I am opening the doors for guest comics or pinups! If you want to submit a page, and I use it, I’ll send you your choice of one of the prints in the shop FOR FREE! Please note that, unlike the last time I took pages, I am not going to publish everything I get, only the stuff that I feel meets or exceeds my standards will be put up. But don’t let that discourage you! I want to see EVERYONE submit and anything that doesn’t go in this space will be put up in a fan-art section I will be creating!