Here’s the JLU scene. One of my favorite Superman moments.

No shade on this one, just because I wanted to get it out there ASAP. The lines for this one were done quite some time ago, and I just needed to get up the motivation to finish it. I’m looking forward to doing some more action stuff, just because I get a little burnt out from panels of two characters talking over and over again. I’ve thought about what I would do when I’m finished with Gregor, and I keep coming back to a slice of life comic, and then I go through a few pages here with just dialogue and I remember that I quickly run out of steam if there’s too many in a row.

Not counting guest pages, or the 4 from the “Katie and Chloe” side-story that I WILL FINISH, we’re hitting 200 next page. I didn’t really plan anything for it so I was just going to continue the story while acknowledging it in the write up. I’m eternally grateful to everyone that still reads this comic and to anyone that has just started reading it. I love seeing comments from you guys and I love doing this comic as a result.

As I type this it’s Saturday, the 19th, and I’m going to try to stream tonight while I work on a print/birthday present for my sister. I’ll be drawing a Disney Character, Specifically Little John as Ser Reginald, Duke of Chutney, as close to on model as I can. It’s gonna be a lot of fun and I’ll be saving the stream so I will be talking throughout about my process and basically guiding you through the piece. I doubt I’ll finish it, but I plan on getting most of it done. Feel free to join me over on my Twitch channel for it or look for it after the fact when I’m done!