wax on, wax o-OW! my clavicle!

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  1. Frederick Newsom

    A new arc? What happened with the love triangle arc? It certainly didn’t seem at all resolved to me.

    • Tyler

      You should know by now that I love my cliffhangers! There’s still the issue of what Katie wants to do! Does she end it with Sean and stay with Chloe? Does she stay with Sean and end it with Chloe? Does she end it with Chloe and Sean ends it with her? WHO KNOWS???

      Plus, it’s a subplot that’s been running since the end of the Professor Kale storyline, so I don’t expect to wrap it up in 3 pages.

      • O8h7w

        To me it certainly doesn’t seem like the kind of thing that gets resolved immediately. Not to mention that Sean explicitly said “this is gonna take some time”.

  2. Dimitra

    Wow tyler, these are so cool.

    • Tyler


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