I’ve just about had this one finished for some time, now. I just couldn’t get myself to sit down and finish it. 200 pages and it took me HOW LONG to get from 199 to 200?!

Anyway, I hope the balloon wall in the first two panels works to obfuscate the joke until you get to the bottom of the page. The next few pages are going to be BONKERS so I wanted to get a good sight gag in before the main event. I got a new tablet monitor AND new computer that runs lightning fast, so playing with my new toys should give me ample incentive to work on the comic and update the Patreon for the first time in. . .lemme check. . .a WHILE. I’ve got a few pinups I’ve started and never finished, just because I’ve not liked working on my Surface or the old tablet monitor to do the saucier stuff. with this nice, big, work surface I’ll be more inclined to work on curvy surfaces.