Hey! I posted something! How about that?

The reason this took so long is because I hosted Thanksgiving, my birthday is a week after Thanksgiving, and I have a 50 + hour a week job. Oh, and a manic two-year-old. Those last two are usually enough to keep me from updating more than once every 3 weeks, but that combined with the holidays pushed that back even more.

The patreon pinup poll results we’re kind of surprising. Katie came in first, with Chloe and Venus rounding out the top three. Considering how much I draw Katie, I was actually very surprised that she was your top pick. I was kind of secretly rooting for Carol, the Ancient Yuletide Troll. Since Katie and Chloe were within a vote of each other, I guess I’ll do a tandem pin up. Look for that sometime soon, as I can turn those out a lot faster than a page.

EDIT: Fixed Mercury’s extra hand on the fifth panel.