Terror in Apartment 314!

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  1. Kat

    Briiiiiiiicks! I dunno they just kinda look pretty neat back there XD not to mention this looks like something MST3K should be commenting on! Though it also kinda looks like paper so… maybe a comic book version of Mst3k? XD

  2. Guesticus

    Someone adopted a naughty puppy? Maybe Katie prefers pussies

      • Guesticus

        Don’t say never gave you anything 😛

  3. Infamous Nefarious

    Good lookin cover, man.

  4. Stompinstein

    Needs more theremin.

    • Stompinstein

      Also, really loving how your art has evolved. I always look forward to an update.

  5. Vorpal

    I hope that stab wound wasn’t too bad, looking forward to this next arc! 😀

  6. Anarchyant

    Really need to stop reading webcomics pre dawn coffee, when I first looked at this I thought she was tied up bondage style……….till I realised it was the dressing from the arm lol

    • And there’s another idea for a commission … ::makes a note::

    • Guesticus

      You say that like it’s a bad thing

      • Anarchyant

        bad thing? oh noooooooo! more of a disappointment thing when my sleep encrusted, coffee lacking eyeballs and brain got into Synch

  7. First time stopping by… like the cover!

    • Thanks for reading!

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Terror in Apartment 314

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