Yes it is, other Barry, yes it is.

This was a fun one to draw. I have weirdo conversations with myself frequently as my job tends to leave me alone for long stretches, so I can relate.

And we officially have a first name for the mysterious Mr Carver!

There’s a new wallpaper up in the Patreon folder! You may recognize it if you have been in the print shop (though, judging by the lack of sales there I’d say most of you haven’t seen it) and I’ll have it up in the voter incentive probably mid October, just so I can give my patrons some exclusivity.

Speaking of which, I’ve changed up a few of the price points and the rewards on the donations, so you should check that shit out!

Speaking of the store, I just adjusted the price of shipping down to $1.50 flat fee in the US. Turns out it’s crazy cheap to send something that light 😛