And we’re back! Though, maybe just for a week as I haven’t really had a chance to work on next week’s page with the Con taking all of my time. As promised I will have up the other prints in a store of some sort hopefully by the end of the day today and Monday evening at the latest.  THE STORE IS ACTIVE!! I have four total prints available! $6 on all orders no matter how much you buy! Niece’s bat mitzvah coming up? Give the gift of Gregor! Going to a funeral and need a gift for the bereaved? Nothing says “I feel your loss” like a Firefly print! All prints come signed by me and are guaranteed to be awesome!*

Many thanks to Chloe for A. coming to see me at the con and B: basically doubling her duty by coloring the backgrounds, as well! I’ve been dropping in prerendered backgrounds from Sketchup and just using those as the finished product with mixed results. This time I used the SU shot to set up the lines for me to actually draw the background and, thus, have Chloe color it. I think it looks a lot sharper!



*Not a guarantee